Spam On My Whiteboard?

I come to EP after months of being away, to find that now even my whiteboard is full of spam.

There was a time, "most of you won't remember" when EP was like a family. We played and shared, cut up, picked on each other.
EP was so much fun in the early years. It pretty much changed my life from bad to much much better. I even met my wife here.

Now I can't even navigate the site anymore. lol

It only takes a minute to realize the reason I left. : )

Oh how I miss my old EP.

Anyone left who remembers me, Mello and I are doing fine. She is the best thing to ever happen to me.
We both miss our old friends here, and wish we could come back and have fun like we use too.

It is not anything like the EP we remember though.

We wish you all the best .

Mello & Blue.
BlueGeorgia BlueGeorgia
41-45, M
14 Responses May 20, 2012

i agree! ive been here since ep began.....not sure i knew ya but it was a changing world for me!

I miss it too

Wow it has been a long time.

Omg another oldschool EP'er! There's still a few of us around. I hear a lot of complaining about the (new and creepy) folks around these days.

Hi! It's so nice to see someone I knew WAY back when. I remember when you two got married :) I've been gone for a few years & I'm shocked about how everything has changed. The site has changed & all but 1 friend from then is around as much as I am right now. I'm starting to make some new friends, but that takes a while to build like it once had been. I hope the 2 of you is well. I'm looking forward to seeing you around! WM

OMGosh! BlueGeorgia - please send Mello my regards.... so you guys married, wow! I remember those days, in fact I was just reading a story you wrote and we were having so much fun in the comments with WiseOldOwl (WOO). I haven't been around for years now but have always kept my EP friends in my thoughts and in my heart. Really hope you get the chance to read this. *hugs*

While we have never met or chatted I so hear what you are saying. Yes there was a time as you described. As far as adds go and spam, I hear you there too!!! I did something about the ads and pop up ads as well. The spam, well let's just say I am still working on that one. For now I just delete them from the Whiteboard. I don't really get very many. It was pretty bad for awhile with those mostly from "BOTS" as they are nicknamed. Basically online hookers trolling to get you to go to their site so they can TRY and talk you out of your wallet. I do so get tired of their attempts. I think most are wise to their ploys theses days.<br />
<br />
But trust in your friends if they are still here. It would be really nice to have more "Old Timers" as some of us are known. Folks who know and understand the way it can be among friends. And if the others don't like it they are not required to stay and play. <br />
Don't allow what you see now to stop you from enjoying yourself here. Just know that life is supposed to be fun and just go from there and ignore the rest and you should be just fine.<br />
<br />
When the odd ones come through just pat them on their head and say it was nice and we don't wish to keep you from your destination thanks for stopping by. I trust you get my thoughts on this.<br />
Enjoy and have a good one as soon as possible.

Great to hear you two are doing well!! miss you guys and the 'old EP' TONS! loved the family back then...those were great days and helped me out more than most will ever most of my stories just look like i'm talking to myself! lol tell mello hello for me!! :)

Im glad to hear you and Mello are doing well :) Its been forever, wish that it was the old EP too. Missing you guys. :)

Thanks for the memories....used to be (mstenacity1964)

It's sad, isn't it? We used to have such a blast here. Hi to you and Mello, glad to hear y'all are doing well. (used to be HeavenBesideYou)

I'm thinking it has been ...three years? Happy anniversary. Glad you guys are doing well.

Hey blue, long time no see, glad you and mello are doing well.

Well it was a long shot, that only happened by chance. <br />
Thanks for you best wishes. I wish you the best as well.