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How To Help My Friend ?

my friend is pessimism and unenthusiastic about every single thing in his life. he isn't studying because he says stupid reasons and i broke with him once because he is like that .i want to know how to make him a normal person.he has alot of terrible things happened in his life but i don't want him like that .thanks :)   
Mvendetta2 Mvendetta2 18-21, M 2 Responses May 22, 2012

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Tell him to man up! Ask "what the **** is wrong with you?" You need to be mean to make him react! Tell him he's a loser for not studying, need to grow up and stop being a baby! That's not good... friends suppose to stick together not leave each other! He's is normal - he's a human! LOL boohoo everyone has troubles and problems...

life and it's harsh experiences makes us what are....some people doesn't give a **** about anything others who thinks about everything and like to form their own opinion get their own answers.....i am bit pessimistic too but trying not to be anymore...try therapy and some optimistic friends and if his life gets better he will surely change.....