Hi everyone,

i am here to make friends.
i don't really have any friends in real life
i find it very hard to talk to people and open up
i find that i can not have a good time because i'm constantly
worrying about what everyone thinks of me
i usually just sit in the background and observe everyone else
while they have a good time. i wish i was normal and could just go up and mingle
and not worry about it but its hard
i am here though to try and make friends and hopefully come out of my shell abit
although it is a lot easier to speak over the computer then it is to speak face to face :/
regardless if you want to be friends feel free to add me and message me auy time
if you have a problem hit me up ill listen (im a great listener)
or if you just want to talk thats fine too ^_^
LoneFish LoneFish
18-21, F
2 Responses May 23, 2012

I know this exactly... It's hard

story of my life. I know exactly how you feel. friends?

of course :P