I've Only Had 2 Real Friends In My Life...............

..human friends, that is.  I've had many, many cat and dog friends, but I suppose that's a whole different category.  I live in the boonies and I don't hold a job (I don't believe in it, but that, too, is another category), so as a result I meet very few new people except online.  My husband can be a good buddy sometimes, but he's not a friend - I can't talk to him because he refuses to listen.
Plus, I don't trust people of my own gender.  Most women are judgmental and two faced and make me either uncomfortable or defensive.  Do any of you have these same issues?
TheOriginalPard TheOriginalPard
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

A lot of women can have the qualities you've described because of human nature, but not all. A majority of people like to feel trusted by others and want to trust in return. You need to find more people who you enjoy the company of and feel that you share the same views, a friendship can be easily built from this, by personal experience I've found that confidence is a way to draw people to you, true people will accept you for you and anyone who doesn't is not worth your time. I suggest trying to connect to your husband to share your problems with him.

if you want to have a friend who listen to you you must search for someone who deserves to be your friend .about your husband just till him frankly that you're annoyed because he doesn't listen to you and as a husband he should do that.