Yes, But...

I am not good at this. I am especially poor at regulating contact. I think that most agree it is a rather fundamental concept. You see, I make a friend, and talk happily for a week. Or two weeks. Or maybe three months, and then I basically vanish off the face of the earth. So if you friend me, please forgive me if I'm a lousy friend. I try, I just don't know what's the matter with me.

This isn't a new problem :(

If anyone has any pointers...I would always like to hear from someone wiser than I, who has figured out what friendship is...
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2 Responses May 26, 2012

the nice thing about a true friend is that despite not talking to them for months, you pick right up where you left off when you do see or talk again.<br />
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acquaintances usually do not last, sometimes we confuse them with real friends.

I do distinguish between acquaintances and friends. Unfortunately, for me, it is much easier to maintain acquaintances than friends. I think it takes serious effort to get to the 'friends' stage.

I kinda have the same problem, except I am usually willing to talk people just expect me to do all the work so eventually I get tired and then the communication stops and what is a relationship of any kind without communication