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Quality Over Quantity?

Sometimes I marvel at how closed off people can be. I see people with a fair number of friends, but all the interactions seem so shallow. Don't people want to actually care about someone else's life and try to form an awesome connection? Maybe it isn't that hard to get close to people, or maybe I'm just especially picky. I just love talking to people about anything and everything, without concerning myself with being self-conscious about things. It's nice to open up to someone and have that reciprocated.
Veritasage Veritasage 18-21, F 2 Responses Jun 1, 2012

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This is exatcly what i Thinking, The people have 1000 friends on facebook, and care about social situation, don't have a "linked mind" with someone, telling toughts.<br />
I guess the people don't share some toughts becouse in general the people are no trust, do gossip, care most about ourself groups, do not care too much about other people. I'm picky too, with some people i try to get closer. I think a internet relation is a good form of trust, becouse the two are interested to listen the other and there are no social envolved. So if you want to talk to me about everything im here! im really trying to make friends online. bye

You're lucky you can just talk to people about anything at all. Someone like you should have no problems making friends. In my case, I'm not a talkative person at all. I tend to be more of a loner who has difficulty in social situations. That's why I'm online just poking around.