I Dont Know How To Make Friends...

not sure I ever really did. I have a few friends Ive recently reconnected with online that I havent spoken to since elementary school and they live hundereds of miles away and are busy with their own lives, so I am basicly alone. All the time. I am in a living situation with my (very recent) ex due to lack of funds and plenty of room in the house. We also were never really friends, or even communicated. At all, ever. The only reason he still puts up with me is free rent (its my house) and we share a son. I am socially awkward, dont trust people and hate leaving the house. Not a very desirable friend I know. I am tired of feeling so alone and hoping to find someone who understands me or even is willing to try. I usually scare people away because I am honest, probably to a fault but I cant help it. I HATE lies and firmly believe if we are all completely honest then the rest will all sort itself out. Something I find many people dont agree with and the rest just lie about. So here I am giving it one more try...
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every person on this planet comes across this feeling of being lonely... & i love honest people like you, so rare to find people like that in now a days world... i pray you get the best in life & you never feel alone...

I really like your honesty. Too many people avoid the truth. I hope you find some great friends. If you want to message me you are welcome to.

I'm going thru the same thing right now. I'm getting out of a ten year relationship, we live in the same house for monetary reasons and try to get along for my son. To top it off we are now both seeing other people now. If u ever want to talk email me.

I feel the same way I can relate to your story

When in life you do not like the way things look, change the way you look at things. You might even see yourself in a new light. It's a thought.