Even Noiseless People Need Friends!

Hiya everyone. My name is noiseless simply because I talk very little. unless im super good friends with someone I tend to hold back on speaking much. In kindergarten I was told I had dyslexia, but the school I went to did not have a special education program or teachers with the ability to teach someone with dyslexia. after kindergarten my parents switched my schools. When I was in first grade I was in the special education department because I had dyslexia. everyone assumed I was stupid so I did not have friends, instead everyone picked on me and rejected me. I had no one to talk to so I kept quiet. I ended up staying back in first grade and repeating it. still those kids tormented me also, But I did make one friend. AMBER. and she has been my very best friend since first grade. soon later in 7th grade I made another friend names CORIANNE. she also is one of my very best friends to this day. In 8th grade i was still picked on even more. I had the option of going to a different highschool then the rest of the students I went to 1ts-8th with. I took it. In Highschool I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. another reason for people to pick on me. But I made one friend MORGAN and she is still my friend since we graduated. I have just moved to NH and I have NO friends here and I cant exactly make friends easily here since my college is all online. I love art, and swimming, Movies and im prety geeky once you get to know me. I like videogames, anime, fantasy and books. I really would like friends to talk to. even if I dont say much. Im always cheerful! I want friends to have fun with and good times!
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You guys, you can't make friends on the internet. It's not possible and frowned upon. But i would totally be your friend if I had known you in middle or high school :)

I think you can make friends on the internet, one of my bestfriends for 5 years now is just n internet friend.

I wouldn't call that a true friendship, though.

I would absolutly. I could tell him anything and talk on the phone for hours. We clearly have different oppinions on this. but thats fine.

can I add you? I'm a good listener and somewhat a talker

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I would never have thought you had dyslexia...you write better than like 80% of the people on EP :) Welcome to EP though! Hope you find it worthwhile, but not too much (like me).

Im much better then I used to be. I just had alot of good special ed teachers and worked hard to pretty much get rid of my dyslexia :) and thank you!

i think you've overcome it very well! yw :)

thanks, Im pretty sure I got better awhile ago tho, I as taken out of special ed english class when i was in 7th grade and that was like 5 years ago. since i just graduated highschool this june.

ahhh...i see, congratulations on your graduation then. You going to college?

online college yes :)

well, good for you :)

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Well, if you're looking for a friend, then I can help. EP will accept you no matter who you are. Though if you're looking for friends, you could go to some community events.

You sound alright to me.

Hello!!! I am also looking to make friends here. I am brazilian, I live in brazil, my english is not so good, I like good books and kung fu, I definitely have asperger, I like daoist and zen philosophy, I like politics, I am very rational but I am very open minded. I also have no friends and I think it was always difficult for me to make friends, especially in school. Add me if you want!!! :)