I Feel Rather Lonely

I have a few people that are considered, I guess, "my friends," but I dont even like them! I dont want anything to do with them. They're alway coming over to me, and talking to me, and wantin to sit with me but I hate them. I pretend to like them though.
The problem with making new friends is that I am suuuuuper shy. There are some people younger than me and some that are way younger where I have thought "hey, I would really get along with this person but im just not sure how the whole things works. Do I just approach them and say "hey, we should friends?" I just dont know. HELP???
theskyisarainbow theskyisarainbow
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Yes you should definitely talk to them,get to know them :)

Okay, but I may have trouble with that since I'm real shy.

Well start of with some smalltalk then,usually people can tell if somebody is shy so maybe if you can get the courage to break the ice and make the first move they'll get you,and understand that your shy :) then the more you talk to them bit by bit you will feel more comfortable! Just start off small,with a Hi,how are you..how was your weekend,any plans for the week" stuff like that :) you can do it!

Haha well thank you very much for the advice :)