Yes I Do, But It S...

Yes i do, but it scares me, for carious reasons, with the exception of my children, I have loss everyone that has ever meant anything to me, I'm afraid to even make friends over time means that i will lose them too.
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I understand. I have moved 4 times since college due to my husbands job. Each time I have left friends behind. I have now lived here for 2 years, but can't seem to get in to the whole "making new friends" idea. It was a lot easier when my kids were younger. Now that they are teenagers, I am not even sure how to go about it anymore.

The primary purpose of friendship is that the relationship is ba<x>sed on some kind of commonality that you share. Just being a human being should in itself have been a good reason to establish a friendship relation. Speaking the same language and sharing the same values traditionally meant you were part of a community, except nowadays this doesn't automatically grant you friendship anymore due to the rise of individualism. However by focussing on the 'fear of losing a relation you invested in emotionally' you are auto-excluding yourself from a pool of potential friends, and also since friendship is ba<x>sed on sharing common values or attitude, that would potentially require you meeting someone with a similar attitude... a situation which would be a bit ironical, wouldn't it?

Hey look,<br />
Stop being afraid! What do you have to loose? Nothing at all. What's the worst thing that can happen? Perhaps you'll make a friend and then loose them? Well, if that happens at least you had a friend for a while, right? You only have this life right now; make it the best it can be! Go out there and start talking to people and make yourself some friends and don't forget' it takes one to have one! I bet you'll find just the person for you! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. <br />
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Let me say one more thing. If you spend a lot of time being afraid that you will loose another friend, you're going to miss the good stuff and get stuck with only the sadness. I have lost nearly every good friend I have ever had but I keep trying to add others because they make my life better. I'm sorry for your losses, I really am, but please don't cut yourself off, out of fear. Life is best when you share it with as many people as you can!