Long Time No Write! Still feeling fat

Well, I've still not lost the weight since my last story! Haha going to try loose it for next year I've bought acai berry tablets which are supposed to work! I e stopped self harm completely:) and tbh I still don't know about my sexuality? Still about confused! I think I'm straight but I don't want a relationship or have sex at all? What's wrong with me? But I did have sex while I was drink and now I think I have something? Great... I have lumps inside which is scaring me and some other things... Relationships with friends are a lot better! And I feel I bit more confident about my looks but still feel so fat I just binge eat and gain it I love food too much.. I think if I become skinnier I will be so much happier.. But that's all I. Really have to say just now! Thanks for reading and feel free to mail if needing some advise or feel free to drop a comment :) omg just went to the toilet and noticed a bit of blood ive been having this for about a month now but its nothing to do with my periods and now i just realised it was coming from my bum too haha, yes embaressing but im really scared! I know there is somthing wrong with me but I'm way to scared to go to the doctors!!!! please help im ******** it hahaha
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Don't wait you need to see a doctor...it's better to find out and do something about it now than later. Take care of yourself HEALTH COMES FIRST!!!!...don't ever feel like that about yourself learn to love yourself everyone is attractive no matter what :)