What About That?

Do you ever wonder is there anyone on these type of sites near you? Or do you think that we are all so speard out that contact is purely virtual? Not that anything is wrong with that, friends no matter where they are can be a good thing! But what about when you want to go for a walk and talk to give you a since of security and contentment, because you can see that expression?

Does anyone think that this happens here or on any other site? I am very curious about what you think, this will let me know if I am the only one who wonders about these types of things? Or are we all truly lost in this game of life that we inadvertently just smash into each other because of circumstances?

Lets make this a talking session, where we all are honest about our feelings of being here, whether it be for love, acceptance, or friendship. It seems to me that talking helps us through things we are facing, in this not so fair life that each one of us face.

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Well so far most of my ep friends r in the US, I have 2 here in the UK like me. And a couple of unknowns lol. Friends r friends where eva they are and Id rather have virtual friends then no friends tbh. :-) x

I met a lot in the UK

What can one say in all this? ... Truly the price of progress is high.
I came here not expecting too much ... but I must say, I have got more than I bargained for. There is one person I speak to every day. It would be my joy to meet this person someday. I love just reading the questions and find even greater pleasure answering them. I have read where some EP members made a deliberate attempt to meet and have done just that. I think many more people would like to meet the ones they talk to but reasons known only to them they have not launched out.

I agree some of the nicest people I have met on here live on the other side of the world making it hard to meet them but maybe one day soon..

Now ya talking

Sometimes when I am out walking, I wonder "is that xxx? " , when I see someone walk by or I wonder are there many Irish people on EP ?" I wouldn't think so but still my mind goes into overdrive...lol.
It is very true that we all need each other and IF sites like these are making people meet and establish friendships well that can only be a good thing...talking and sharing are very therapeutic...it eases the body's ill in all sorts of ways...good for the body and the soul :)
We all learn from each other and learning is a life long thing..I have "met" some wonderful people on this site. Truly a gift to have that honour.

Thanks, Tara, if you need a friend let me know

Well you are my friend now, I added you to my circle :)
Love and light

i found EP on a day of so much pain, that i kept EP to myself. haven't shared it with friends and family which i will soon change. their is only one group which i would not want people i know to know i was in. More so for it would hurt my husband.
as for can friendships continue into real life. YES if your being truthful in your expectations and self. HUGS cherie

I no longer have any true friends locally that I can talk to. I mean really talk to. I am very much alone and lonely here, even with my husband of 24 years sitting right next to me. I have a lot of pain within me that he doesn't understand, never will. There's even pain that he doesn't know about. My best friends here are my pen and pad. My writing. A very dear friend of mine brought me here, to EP, hoping that I could find what I am looking for, to try to heal my heart and soul. It hasn't been easy, but I finally feel as though I may have found the right path. Of course, I don't expect 30 years worth of pain to disappear over night, but at least I now know that I am not alone in my feelings, and I can find a little bit of solace with the friends I've made here.

Exactly what I feel.

i too have been married for 26 years, and felt that there are many aspects of me my husband doesn't know or want to or even tries.
but, i bet you would be surprised at the truth
on the day i found EP i was trying to decide should i go or should i stay?
finding so many others in the same place as i am was shocking.
but my truth became, are you ready for this - - - - -
change my focus, stop thinking about what i wasn't getting from the relasonship to all the possitive parts that are priceless. if you can't find any possitives get out. jmo