Starting Over All Alone

Hi, all! I recently left a long-term, unhappy marriage and am trying to start my life over again in middle age. I've always been a bit of a shy introvert, but have always managed to have one or two good friends and a circle of acquaintences large enough to keep my life occupied when I wanted company. But given the nature of my marital difficulties (sexless by my husband's choice), I've always been afraid to get too close to people in case they discovered my "shameful secret".

I finally went through a few years of depression about this severe enough to make me realize that I just couldn't live like that anymore, so I finally got up the courage to end it. But I withdrew from the world during this, and now I find myself in a much better place, but almost entirely alone in the world. I still have a couple of good friends, but they live far away from me now.

I don't know anybody where I live, and it's hard to know where to get started. I talk to my friends on-line every day, but it would be nice to know somebody locally just to get out of the house with once in a while! I'm much more sociable than I used to be, but I find that most people my age already have their friends established.

I'm always interested in making new on-line friends, but I'm also hoping to find people who live near me and might be interested in going out once in a while - male or female, I'm just looking for friends!

I'm in Ontario, Canada, if anyone would like to chat!
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well i'm in canada too....unfortunately it's B.C.'s going to sound completely cheesy...but volunteering really does hook you up with people who you will share the same interests has worked for me

Hi if u want to talk message me