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Age, gender, race or creed - it does not bother me; I want to hear your story.
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I have many stories as I'm sure everyone else does...are you looking for happiest, saddest, most memorable, random?

Any story will do! :)

For as long as I can remember I thought I was the same as everyone else. I wanted to fit in with everyone and not be the weird one out.
As I entered college, it seemed the exact opposite. People told me they liked my name and my skin color. They thought I was beautiful and different. I never saw myself like that. To me, I was always an American, raised here with public school values.
I came here when I was four and since then, I have always known the American way to do things. I saw the Millennium and 9/11, every controversial event since the 90s. I felt the same as everyone else did those events, mourning the loss of others. But as I grow older, I notice the difference when people look at me. It's not racism, but an unknown feeling, like they don't know where to compartmentalize me. I'm not Asian, African, Indian...they have no idea where to put me. Because of this, most times people draw a blank when they talk to me. they don't know how to address me or what ideals they think I should have.
It's a grand feeling, knowing that I have the upper hand in the conversation. But at times, I feel so alone because I'm not able to connect with everyone else like I did when I was young and innocent.

Thank you for sharing :)

No problem! Now your turn?

Ok, my story so far, is that my dad left when I was 5, my mother got remarried and we moved house. I've not always got on well with my stepdad, we've always clashed over the years. I came out of school in June, and since then I've done nothing but work part time in some shop down my road. My life isn't going anywhere!

May I ask if you mean high school? And don't think like that! I'm sure there has to be some positives to your life right now?

Yeah, I meant high school, I'm just british so we don't tend to say it like that :P

I don't really dislike my life at the minute, I just lack direction, something to do.

Oh haha yeah, raised in America so I had no idea! And sorry about that, I think I misunderstood what you meant earlier but now I get it. I can't vouch for everyone but for me, I think that stage was beneficial. For awhile, I was doing nothing with my life, not working or school or anything. It was a miserable time for that reason and a couple others(but that's another story, another day!). But my point is that sometimes lacking direction isn't such a bad thing because afterwards you're a different person for going through that experience. Hopefully I don't sound so preachy :p

Oh! I almost forgot, but thank you for sharing your story with me too :)

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Need to be more open people out there like you.