Looking For Friends.

I joined ep because I thought that here was a place where I could find like minded people with whom could be friends,people with whom I with whom I could relate,people I could call as my friends but despite being here for quite some time my search continues,I am yet to meet people with whom I can find a genuine bond which friends have.Its not as if I havent met people here but things somehow havent taken off,now thats strange to understand because ep to me the perfect place to meet great people.May be time when I will find that friend or friends has not arrived yet,may be I will have to wait some more.

I believe in destiny and I think i am destined to meet a lot of great people out here,so fingers crossed.
Macrajat Macrajat
22-25, M
4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I find that I tend to make friends when I'm not looking to. But I love making online friends the best. :) I feel like you can be much more open and honest with them.

Even in real life I have only had a couple of really good friends I was never one of the crowd, but good friends are hard to come by and probably the same applies to online as well.

I think that 'real' friends that are found over the internet, are hard to find and come with time.. sometimes you can find them quickly and make a lasting exciting bond, other times, it just seems to take forever. I say, especiall for EP, just share your stories, comment on the stories you like, etc, and eventually you will connect with people who are similar.

Hi macrajat....very true