Getting Desperate.

I'm just trying this out to see if anything happens. All I really want I guess is a bigger support group. I just want more people to understand me. I've just been super depressed for a really long time and I just want one maybe two people to talk to. I just feel super lonely and super depressed all the time and I just want someone who actually cares. I have major trust issue so I would need someone to prove that they won't leave like everyone else.
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1 Response Dec 23, 2012

I can try to be the friend that you need.
I understand, as I too, have depression issues, this time of year is the worst for me.
I also have acute anxiety
I know what it feels like to want an friend and no one is's a lonely world..almost superficial

:) thanks. I really didn't think I'd get a response this quick haha. But I'd love to be friends.

You read my profile first, then you decide, ok? I am a bit strange, if you can handle that

haha ok

I am sorry..
It seems that you may have choosen not to be friends..I can accept that, I am not for everyone, even sometimes for myself. It is fine.
I wish you all the best in life

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