Missing My Down a s s Chick, Wanting: A Bestie Back In My Life

Hey y'all,

I recently ended a very long lasting friendship with my best friend which started when we first immigrated to Canada.

She was from South Africa and I was from Jamaica and we made the best and most usual pairing. We just fit, for a long time, We fought but always made up, and we supported each other through romantic situations as well as ****** family issues.

All was well until I thought it a good idea to cohabit with her in addition to my partner at the time. Upon moving in with her I realized that all the years of friendship from her side of things were very shallow and restrictive, as she didn't have my back and left me to fend for myself. We had a horrible falling out equipped with physical blows and all. I don't take betrayal very well--and to me leaving someone 'out on the line' and vulnerable is a betrayal.

Buuuut, now that it' all said and done, even though I would never allow a dysfunctional friendship to continue, I miss that person I used to eat over Skype with, Do homework with, go grocery shopping with, smoking weed with... i miss it all..

I miss my bestie :( and I don't know how to get another one.
PumpkinStew PumpkinStew
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013