hey so im 19 female from texas, i live with my boyfriend and his family..

pretty much all my friends suck, not even my best friends talk to me no more.

i didnt do anything so it wasnt me just they thought since i moved out i wasnt visible to them no more. i dont know. wish i could meet new people...add me or something. be nice to have someone to talk to and listen to too.

im all ears.
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Can we be friends, too? We're the same age and we could have a lot in common! Can I add you?

Im kinda new too, only like a month. Im the same as you, just looking for people to talk to. Its kind of hard finding people with my crazy work schedule.

hey there, i registered in the wee hours of this morning lol. hoping to make good friends. nice that you're around my age group :)

cool this is like my 3rd time on here anyways lol

i added you to my circle. i dunno if thats the same as friend request lol

i think i accepted it lol msg me