How To Make Friends

Ok I am going to give you all a really easy secret on how to make friends. It's not the type of trick you'd find in the self help guides or on google. It is simply something I have learned through experience:

Basically, smile and say hello to anyone that you have come in the slightest contact with before. This technique works best in college. If you have a class with someone and happen to see them walking by somewhere randomly, just wave and say hello. What's the worst that could happen? They don't recognize you. If they look at you funny, just laugh it off as if you mistook them for someone else. However, most likely they will recognize you and be flattered that you recognized them and they will be more inclined to speak to you in the future.

This trick also works for people who are friends of friends. There are always those people who you recognize but don't actually talk to. Maybe you both have mutual friends or live on the same floor. Whenever I happened to see one of these people in passing, I would smile and say hello. Also, if I ever happened to walk in an elevator or a room that contained only one other person, I would always just say hello to them.

The way in which I learned this trick is actually from being on the receiving end. I noticed that it was such a good feeling when someone from a class or a friend of a friend happened to wave at me in passing. The next time I saw them, I was always inclined to talk to them simply because they seemed approachable and friendly.
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can I add? im lonely also ;)

Hmm sounds much like one of the chapters in the book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie, written oh about 80 or more years ago.

But some people have discovered the power of a smile, with out ever reading his book.
:) You might want to check his book out, because he say's a lot more and much of what he wrote back then, is timeless.

ps. please add me as a friend.

I am a loner because people don't have same taste as me. I hate Italian and Mexican food. I hate Nando restaurant. I won't go to the place that most people would visit because I have different taste. In the UK people like to go to bar and chats. I hate that because it is boring. I like clubbing but people like to looking for fights. I would hang out with people have same interested with me.