I Just Like To Have Lot Of Friends

I never had very many freinds and i love it to day.
To have lot of freind and go and do things with.
And then I am not lonely.
I am in and out of here looking for some one to talk to and have
fun with.
I don't really wanted a boyfriend .
Just freind and that is all I wanted.
And go and do things with.

Ladypanda Ladypanda
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 26, 2013

Hello Ladypanda, I too am very new to ExpPro and enjoy meeting others. I would be very pleased to add you as a friend.

ok that is cool.
I have got the internet hooked up in
my home and now i am try to come on
more often.
And be glad to have you as a freind,

I will be looking forward to seeing more of you.

Thank you . I need to come back and share my feelings
what is happen in side of me.

Okay that is fine. I try to come on some time I get busy and I will try to do better. to come on

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