My Ep Introduction.

I'm a regular married guy. Nothing spectacular in any direction. I own my own business and do alright with it. I have nothing to complain about. My wife is a good woman and my son is a bright kid. My house is fine. I keep it in good repair. I like most sports but have no interest in talking sports with the guys. I get enough of that in my working and living reality.

I'd like to meet others and just talk about life in general. I'm going to be 45 in 2 days. I know what I have. I am grateful for all of it. I've worked hard and done well.. Somewhere along the way I started to get lost. I think connecting with people and hearing their stories might help me reconnect to who I am and what goals I want to set for the second half of life. Right now I am in a from of stasis. Not moving forward but not slipping backwards. Mid life crisis maybe? Maybe, I'm not sure.

The wife and I use Face Book for family and friends but that is no kind of an outlet for what I'm looking for. I plan to keep Ep for just myself. No disruptions and no undue editing. Just me, plain, simple and lost.

I have been doing some exploring on this site. It seems to be a very mixed bag of many different types of people and that is going to be good for me. I enjoy meeting different people with differing experiences.

What I am not interested in is sharing pictures of myself or my wife. I'm not interested in sharing my wife either. I am actually offended by the idea of that. My wife isn't perfect and neither am I but she is my wife and I respect her.

I have no interest in anyone who thinks they are an adult baby or uses a diaper. My son is 10. I was very glad to see the diaper years end. I try not to judge others but somethings are just beyond my comprehension.

I am also not gay or bi. No hard feelings for those who are but please don't approach me for pictures or contact. I can be a friend to near anyone but not a man who wants to flirt with me.

There you have it. Reading back over it. I can't say I am very impressed. But it will have to do for a first time posting.
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A warm welcome, and I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future! :-)

Thanks. I'll be sure to take a look over on your profile to.

Awww, I can totally vouch for maltesemermaid..she is a DOLL and AllAboutLaff's is pure fun!! You are totally making some rockin buddies in here!! Everybody else sounds great too!! My whole circle is worth reading....great folks!!

It's nice you vouch for your friends because they certainly vouch for you and your husband. From my white board surprise I can see why. You are a sweetheart! Thank you for making my birthday so really special this morning. We don't get into birthdays much except my sons so it's been awhile since someone noticed.

Aww..your welcome!! :) I love my buddies in here..I keep my group small, then you get to really know and love them..It makes ep soo much more fun!!

great post . . . thank you for sharing . . . this place is a literal treasure trove of some unique and incredible folk . . . welcome aboard . . . you say you're a bit lost . . . I think most folks are but I am good at finding them . . . hope we can be friends . . . 8D

Thank you so much maltesemermaid! I could use some help in finding myself. I am quickly discovering that this site is rich in nice people. What a lucky find for me. I look forward to knowing you better.

Welcome to EP !!! .... here, there's something for everybody .... I hope you find what you seek ..

Thank you AllAboutLaffs. I see that there is certainly a mix here. I look forward to getting to know you.

Hi Paul!! Jessie said you seemed pretty cool and had just arrived so I thought I would wander on over and say WELCOME!! This site has tons of awesome people! I'm here with my hubs too!! :)

Hello Sierra. I'm glad you listened to Jessie and stopped by. Seems like Jessie has been a real find for me. Does your husband his own account or do you share this one? I have seen quite a few couples who double up as one. Thanks for the welcome. Is your avatar a photo of you? If it is you are a very pretty girl.

Hi!! Jess is a doll and she is totally smart! You already know about hubs! I think 2 folks on one account is too much. Hubs and I need different ones so we don't confuse folks!

Nope, the girl in my avi is NEVER me. Hubs picks them out for me cause he says they remind him of me but we never ever post our own pics or share any personal contact stuff. There are a lot of wonderful folks on this site but there are plenty of fakes and psychos too and sometimes a good trusted buddy will also be friends with one of the other ones and that is where folks end up having a troublemaker show up in their RT. Hubs and I have businesses and just don't need wackos showing up..... We do know 3 other folks on ep from real time but we knew them before we got here. They all saw ep on my computer at work and wandered in to see what I was up too..... Here is like the #! reason to be honest if you ep at work....If I'd have claimed to be a 6' redheaded, rocket scientist I'd be in a world of trouble right now!!

I think your smart in guarding your ID's. I have heard some really bad stories. I relate to having a business and not needing the grief of someone unwanted appearing too. The 3 from your real time are lucky people. I would love to know a couple like you and L4!

Hello Paul, This is one of the best introduction write ups I have read. I think most people reach a point similar to what you are experiencing. My husband and myself are now an 'empty-nest' couple. After all the years spent parenting, we are now looking for...what comes next. We are also recently retired. Retirement brings another loss of routine but also a gain in free time. The question of, how to fill this newly acquired time is one we spend quite a bit of time considering.

Thanks justjessie I was beginning to think I was in for no more then multiple offers for skypesex or sexting! Finding your comment and that you had added me to your circle gives me hope that I might be able to fit in around here!
Thanks also for understanding where I'm at in my life. I need to stop and consider options, alternatives and maybe look for some inspiration on what to change along the way. I look forward to getting to know you better. Feel free to write me with any thoughts you might have. It would be nice to see a letter I could take seriously arrive. :-D

Paul, it appears that some very fine members of this site have found you. You are well on your way to meeting the very best of what ExpPro offers. I will dash off a note to you immediately.

It seems that way Jessie. Thank you so much for helping me get acquainted with a few people. I really was shocked when I came in and saw the remarks left. This is great. You are my lucky charm it seems. It will be nice to read a note that says something interesting. :~}

Paul, I thank you for the sweet comment but I think you generate your own luck by having a profile that isn't overflowing with graphic sexual content. You also appear very approachable and pleasant. You are taking the time to respond to those who speak to you and that is a large factor. When all is said and done, you seem like a fine friend to have. I am now patiently awaiting some more write ups from you so we can all know you better.

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