Different Types Of "Friends" On EP

During my short time on EP I have found that "friends" here fit into one of several categories!

1st, there are the blatant perves! Most annoying yet probably the most honest people on here as they are usually up front and tell you they just want sex talk straight the way! These I find are very common!

2nd, the hidden perves!, These are the ones who make out that they are looking for friendship when in actual fact they are also just looking for sex chat but arn't so up front about it to start with! These too are pretty common!

3rd, the manipulators! These again will let you think they are looking for genuine friendships, they will win you over and manipulate you into thinking they are being genuine with you but once you think you have made a true friend they will turn! And you discover again they really just want sex chat from you! These are quite common!

4th, the friends who chat away, join your circle then once they see your photos decide your not good enough and then leave your circle! These are very common too.

5th, the friends who do seem to be genuine and will tell you they will always be there for you when what they actually mean is they will be there if they have nothing better to do! These are again quite common!

6th, the real people, real friends who will be there not only when they need you, but when you need them too! Will give you a bit of their time without hesitation! The ones who can sense when your down the ones who have taken the time to get to know you and can read the signs! These are very rare!  When you find these friends you shud do all you can to keep hold of them!

So which category do you fit into????? Me???? I fit into the 6th! I am genuine! I am honest! I will help anyone if I can! I am always here for my friends! I am always willing to be a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on!  But I do find I am in the minority on EP!!!

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One thing i wish could happen would be for the word pervert to be striken from every females brain,to me it's the most over used word i see written on here.if you could read any guys mind he'd be labelled this idiotic word.Whether a guy comes out from the beginning or later every male thinks about sex a high percentage of the time,being a nice person has nothing to do with it.you can actually be a #6 and still be considered by some this stupid p word :)

i never said women don't understand males sex drives it's labelling males with the stupid p word i hate.Guys who send inappropriate messages aren't pervs there just a-holes.the word pervert should be reserved for people such as child molestors.

Hi nice to meet you. Add me if you want to. The problem is that people are not robots. I try to be a genuinely nice person. Am looking for a small circle of friends I can chat to on a daily basis and goss with. Let me know if you are interested.

I too have sadly bumped into all the above, I was so disappointed because I thought there were other places for those people to go. I am on here to offer emotional support/advice/encouragement to anyone who needs it. I do it to give back because I feel I am alive due to good Samaritans so this for me is to honor them and continue their legacy. gem1969 I admire your honesty and your reasons for joining EP, I'm glad I have you in my corner!

Um I would say u are right on most counts ! There are a lot of pervs on here but there are Also lot of good people on here!!

Can I frame this and put it on my wall? I have experienced exactly what you talk about except you didn't add in about the backstabbers, liars and cheats? Men and women alike.

AKH, what category do you put me in?

the 6th babe...true friend

feel free!!.....yes i did miss a few catagories lol..actors/actresses too lol ... :-)) xx

awwww. ty.

omg Gem...so true. I have been backstabbed by women over men. so stupid...

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Makes me think so am I. I really like your thinking. :)

I'm a 6 :) x

my old dutch grandpa told me james if you have 5 genuine honest sincere friends in your whole life time your lucky u take me as I am gem a fair dinkum man

Having been on EP for only a few months, I would venture to say that you are probably right on most counts. However, it may not be as simple as you presented. I am not including the pervs in this discussion I because they are not even worth mentioning. I would offer the following related reasons why people have stop talking to you (you being anyone on EP):

1. Most people come to EP because they have some emotional issue(s). After listening to your great advise, they may want to seek other people's perspectives on the same issue(s).

2. Perhaps maybe they are looking other people with the same issues as they do. This way they feel connected. If you don't have the same problems, perhaps they don't feel you can relate to them.

3. Some people just click and some don't. You cannot take it personally. It takes commonality in culture, emotions, family background, education, economic and/or social standings...and much more. I don't doubt that you are genuine and honest but perhaps you both just didn't click.

I think you are judging people with standards you would use in real life. Those rules do not work here. Being online, you get a much wider range and quantity of people. Therefore, people tend to move on much quicker. I would say that it would take quite a bit of hard work to maintain anymore than a few friends at a time. I myself have found a few friends that I regularly communicate with. The others are great but I do not expect them to stay connected forever and that's fine, too.

Thank you for your kind words.

@Theta : Great analysis.

i would say a 6 ..sometimes RL takes me away and i can not be around but i am always here when i am...xx sometimes overwhelmed at times.. but i do try to get back to everyone..

Definitely want to be considered a 6. Have to appreciate the 1s and their honesty. The 3s are the most hurtful. Run into several of this type on other chat sites.

thinks i;am the frist & 6th com bine :) lol

I'll let you decide which one I am ;-)

I know I'm a number six. :3 I've just started to read and respond to posts here so it'll be hard to tell the other characters from the 6's to look out for I'm sure though: lol.

I don't think I fit into just one, hard to say.

It is very hard to tell the diff on here. I think I have a few sixes and they would say the same of me. Many start but just don't want to invest the time to go beyond hello.

nice one!

I am a solid 5 with aspirations of being a 6.

I believe that I'm a 6, but I'll let you and time decide that. I had a couple of people in my circle that I really like, but most would fall in to the 5th category.

Yeah there seems to ge a lot of 5's! Wen u find a 6 u have to keep hold of them! :-) x


Good analysis and categorization. Only thing, I wonder 4 out of 6 are negative ? But, possibly, thats kind of the real picture.

Since there are so many in the comments who claim they are 6, I think someone should start a "I am a 6-rated friend" group. All the sixies can join and sexies can keep out, LoL.

EP can come up with a one-time survey of "Rate your friends from 1 to 6" and give away some tokens, so they'll know how people find the friendship pools swirling here.

As to me, I'll leave it to my friends to decide, they are the best judges. Or wait, am I setting myself up for a disaster ? :-) :-)

I'm lucky to have few friends from the 6th:)

This site is like life, you have to pick and choose you let in. Try different groups.

Hello im new here and looking for honest NON PERVES to talk to

i don't kno how to talk to anyone,is it bcz i only have my phone and not a pc?

Ha, I can be any of them which would you prefer? jk I fit into 6, but I can be flirty and pervy too, but cant we all? Its life. Men and women alike.

I'm in group 6 and this being my first post, I haven't met anyone from 1-6 yet :) Would love to have friends from group 6!

Category 6 for me, try.. to help when I can, read, listen.. just be there if they need me..
We are all at different stages in life on EP.. some happy, just having fun, others hurting so much, one extrem to another... don't be hard on yourself if you trusted the wrong person, we all do from time to time... I've learned its good to be there for people..to help,if you can, but its best not to exspect anything in return...most don't even see or understand you need them in that way, and I don't think they mean any hurt... their just at a different stage in life.. stay strong...I'm here if you need me...

I don't know in which category I m I think people can find that by Adding me in their circle :D

i started my profile mb a week ago when i felt lonely and couldn't sleep so i typed in Google things to do when lonely and this was on the first page, im not here to be judged

I think I fit into the 6th, I'm a really loyal friend, and I listen to what someone has to say, then say my thoughts, although I can be brutally honest sometimes

It all depends on what groups you join, but your premise is basically true

u forgot fake ones those who r not really real

None, not here to chat or play people.

i dont think i fit anywhere up there ....im just here for the stories .... i just like listening .. well in this case reading

5th, I prefer to make my friends not via internet.

I can apply these to people I encounter in real life.. not just on EP. Except I haven't found the true friend yet, lol.

I am the sixth category you want get any more genuine than me what u see is what you get ddon't like it do one

The first, that would be me!

that's right true friends are rare and i though that i had one but i was wrong and simply cut my relationship with me and said that i care too much ,! i'll So happy if i found who care of me cos That's rare ! i'm sure belong to 6 th category ,i'm not thanks My self but it's the truth i'm honest in my feeling gonna inside in my family members simply i'm too sensible I even Can't hurt people and keep hide it .

I am a 6 with some 2 mixed in. I am not a perve by any means but I did originally come here only to talk to and relate with people that have the same little PG rated turn ons. The thing is, that isn't the real me. If it were the real me then I wouldn't need to be on here to talk about the things I keep secret in real life. Ive never forced the conversation on anyone or even kept my interests secret here. I would hope my EP friends would have the same opinion of me.

well i cant judge my self just like that i will answer your question with another one " witch kind of friends i prefer to have"
and my answer will be i wan a friend that always take care of me never let me down , can understand what i wan even i don't tell i guess that friends exist to support you when all others let you down .
and of course i can be that kind of friend just with who deserve it :)

I say i am a number 6......but....that is MY opinion. The definition of where i really fall rests with my friends.

That is a really nice posting. I believe you have a good understanding of people. This is a good site for people that really need help. There are a lot of good people that want to help. Unfortunately they are few between. I am sure you will be able to help a lot of people out with an attitude like yours. Thanks for being a great role model!

I'm a depressed slob right now, so would hover between group 5 and 6. I really do like the honesty with which you've written here, thank you. It sounds like what I used to experience on dating websites. Wasn't aware that junk happens here, too. Real friends are hard to come by, aren't they? I have zero.

Good for them. As for me, I have had so much sex in my life that it has ruined it, and I could usually care absolutely less about sex. I'm aging, and glad primal hormones fade away, to make room for thoughts with a little more substance. Sad is better than horny.

@DylanFreak76 : Why might you say "ruined it" ? I thought that ice cream was tasty ?

I'm in group 6, but if 2 friends are comfortable and need to, can and will talk about anything.

A look at their stories will give an insight in to what they enjoy. You will soon find that they have a friends who are always in touch with them and subscribe to their circle and uphold each other. This I would classify as the 7th Group. Not just friends but support and encouragement too.

Who cares just take me as I am .i can be whatever you want me to be.

I'm in the 6th group probably. I can't bring myself to talk about sex much unless I'm close to that person and I definitely won't do any cam-whoring.

I'm new and in category 6. I've already run into some people who say they want to chat then get into the sex talk thing.

I'm new here. A 5 with some attempts at 6.

I'm a six , but I keep meeting 1-5 which sucx I really can't stand the first 4 because most of them just want sex an that's not what I'm about an no one gets that ahh guys really

You need to leave margin for some and a gap for the rest...This gap starts to grow wider and wider ..

1st category

I'm in the 6th. (:

Hello!I am really in the depth of depth right now cause I strugle with social anxiety disorder.I would like to be part of your friends and share with this type of genuine person.Best part of my friends left me when they knew I have this trouble.This would really help me.

very interesting observation! I would like to think I'm 6 too. But i enjoy all flirting chatting everything!

I am certainly one of the 6th group, but, I must confess that I am also firmly entrenched in the 1st group. Although, I would be reluctant to term myself a 'perve', I suppose 'if the cap fits, wear it'.

I think I'm 6 :) Definitely not a perve and I care..haha :)

Id like to think I fit into the sixth group :) I only have 12 friends so that may hold some truth!

Just like real life. The sixth group is so hard to find.

I'd be inclined to say you have trust issues, but you are only talking about people you are meeting on line and there really isn't anything wrong with what you've said. But think of it this way... meeting people offline from school, work, clubs, sports you are only exposed to a relatively small number of people. When you put yourself out there on line you are exposing yourself to thousands and thousands of people. When you meet people off line you have the luxury of assessing what people you will include in your social circles by using all of your senses. When you meet people offline you can only use your best guess so to speak. My theory is basically that for for every 10 people you meet offline maybe 2 or 3 will be acceptable friends. Where as for every 40 people you meet on line, maybe 1 of them will not try to kill you, rape you, set you on fire, stalk you, send weird gifts to your house, cut themselves and blame you, hunt down your relatives and friends and harass them. But that one person will probably be a nose picker that eats their own boogers.

I haven't been on EP very long but I think there is more good here than you give it credit for. Some people are hear to explore issues, learn from the experience of others and have conversations they can't have anywhere else. Making friends is great if it happens but it's not the main reason I'm here. I sometimes read and write stories about sex but don't think that makes me a perve.

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented, Im quite overwelemed by how many have!

I have learnt to tell now mostly who are the no.6's are and altho I have been hurt by some on here, I now have some lovely genuine friends in my circle who I value alot. There will always be the odd one who slips threw but they dont stay long! But I do realize not everyone comes to ep for the same reasons I was only talking from my own point of veiw! :-)

I have to wonder what difference you see in EP vs. the real world.

Nice. very nicely written. and its so true.

There are also the guys who discover your location is somewhere near to theirs - seem kind and interested in you. Then suggest an affair as a way to help your struggling marriage! Defriend you when the option is not immediately taken up.<br />
<br />
These predators can sometimes be spotted by the fact that they have been a member for quite a while. Yet have no friends.

I guess this website is just another snapshot of society just like any other social group. Obviously it's sad that people equate loneliness with horniness. Sex is probably the last thing on my mind right now. I'd really just like to feel part of a nice group of friends who have lots in common and genuinely enjoy each others time. Hang in there Gem you'll slowly weed them out. I'd imagine that you're getting better at picking early on which category someone belongs too. It's just sad when somebody who is genuine is mistaken for somebody who is not.... I feel I've been hit with this one a few times before.

I am category 1

WOW this is all sounds a bit fked up I kinda got distracted after the first few questions there are alot of perves gross. I have found alot of real honest people thought just ignore the weird requests and weirdo people weed thru them and get a feel for the good people read there stuff and you will feel there inner energy!!!

True. I'm not sure what category I fall into, definitely not the pervs, I'm always there and take advice. So I'm thinking probably in the 6th. I'm rambling again. Well the point is, I'm up for a chat and advice and I wudn't mind having good friends here. The reason why I like this site is because I don't have to pretend. Be it pretending not to care so that I don't get hurt, pretending to be straight and serious when there's a carnivale going on inside me, pretending anyways, here I don't have to.

I agree with your post and ask4sudeep (to some degree). I thing I am between 5 and 6. I aim not to pretend. If I don't have time I just don't and I don't expect my friends to have every time available for me either. However on the flip side, I do remember to check and see what's going on. Spend some time together (in person) and it makes up for the occasional delays in-between. This is the unfortunate part of online it removes the person to person connection. In my short membership here on EP, I haven't made 'friends' yet, but I am not any rush. I don't want 'any' friend but good, true, funny characters. :)

mainly all i have gotten are the perves and really all i want is a friend and someone to talk to when i need it. I go through a lot and its nice to just let my feelings out and someone that listens to me and doesnt say "your sexy" all the time. i want a "hey how are you feeling today? are things going good?"... anyways i am def a true friend and if you need someone to talk to i will be here.

You can chat with me if you want. :)

thank you hun...means alot...same for you too. if you need someone to talk to im here :)

I think I fit in the 5th and 6th category I will honestly tell you I can not always be there for anyone. Hell. right now I am barely here for me. I have found avoiding the sex chatters is pretty easy I just look at profiles before I add people. The amount of time they have been on Ep plus the amount and type of stories they write tell huge tales about who they are. After all. Experienceproject is a writing site to me so this is essential. Good luck!

Im not being funny but not one person has talked to me since I have been here even though I am begging for help so thanks

Aww.. that's awful. I know what that must feel like. Well here's me reaching out. I'm here if you need to talk. :)

I agree and I believe I fit into the 6th. Still looking for genuine friends to chat with.

I do agree with everything you just mention gem1969. On my page you would might find me arguing with pervs, well I did with one. Cause he wanted to know everything with a happy face..

I absolutely have met my fair share of the first 3. But i consider myself a 6, love to help

That is so true...great and accurate depictions!!! ...I would hope I am a Type 6....but truth be told, I'm not very good at reaching out and emailing....*sighs* ....I can be sort of reserved and shy at first...not wanting to come across as a stalker ;) ...and my time here can be limited some times....so I've had people get angry with me, accusing me of ignoring them....but alas, I can't please everyone I suppose :)
Good story!! Thanks!

This is exactly how I feel. I had no idea how to put it into words though lol.

@Babydoll142 : Yeah, can relate to most of what you said.

That used to bother me when I was much younger. Lol

these category is applicable every where..nt only in EP. If you are going to analyse so much about what kind of person other is then you will end up living alone...or with very few frns.
life is a fun ride, ur in the driver seat...control the speed and enjoy ur ride...just don't leave the steering...situation can change your rank any time....

I am a number 5 kind of person, but wish I was better than that.

Very thoughtprovoking story. I must now self analyse!


that sounds too good to be true. even i am tempted to be a little cheeky with someone who is clever and articulate and its a genuine laugh about life and loves. and for me, its all education.!!!

I fit into all of the above listed categories although I would never drop someone b/c of their photos - that is just low. People ***** about it, yet they stick around so something is working. Why am I not surprised that you fit into the 6th category? lol

Seems to be par for the course on sites like this. I actually join to practice my writing and to get some real feedback. I have also used it to vent about a subject and wasn't really looking for any real meaniful feedback.

I have had online "Friends" in the past and some have moved beyond the original forums that we met at.

As far as friends 1 thru 5 there is always the block button. I am not rating myself today as to which I am for various reasons.

What is most important is what kind of friend do my friends think I am?

I don't know which categories do i fit...But i always make my friends happy and make them smile ..!!!
Just now i had Made... :) :) :)

Yes you do hun :-D x


Thank you :-)