Shallow Friends and Moving to Another Town

I've always had difficulties making friends. My self-esteem and social skills aren't the best, but in high school I suddenly became part of a quite large social network mostly consisting of preppy people and Paris Hilton wannabees. They were all shallow, whereas I'm quite intellectual and a bit of a nerd, so I really didn't fit in although they accepted me anyways (and I was just happy that someone did). I partied a lot, hung out with a lot of "cool" people and became more and more outgoing.

I have a congenital heart disease and had to deal with one of my open heart surgeries during high school. Since I spent more time in the hospital than I did in school, my friendships started to degenerate. My closest friends stood by me through it all, but others just cut off all contact with me because I suddenly wasn't able to go to parties anymore.

When high school ended, almost everyone moved away from the town where we all grew up. Since that, nothing has ever been the same. I stayed in my home town for three years, then moved to a new town. I've made a couple of new, close friends over the years (but they also live far from where I live), and I still talk to some of my friends from high school online, but it hurts not to be able to see them as often as I'd like.

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I know how u feel seems like you make a friend who you connect with and means a lot then there are gone<br />
<br />
I have made many friends <br />
<br />
but it never lasts<br />
<br />
I know how u feel

Yes, I am in my late 40s now and sometimes I meet an old school friend or someone from my past. We will get talking and maybe meet up for a drink, but they seem to have changed, and I have changed. We no longer have things in common. Friends come and go. Even family changes. I find my sister's life is very different to mine and she lives a long way away and so when we talk, we no longer seem to have so much in common. Its the way it goes, nothing is constant but change

friends come and go family is a constant

friends come and go family is a constant