Finding Friends Is Tricky Business.

It's odd, when I was in high school, I didn't have trouble making friends. I naturally clicked with other odd, humorous people, but that hasn't happened at all since I've gotten into college.  I've tried to strike up conversations and invite people to outings, but they seemed much more hesitant. If I didn't know better, I'd say there were intimidated by me, which is odd because I tend to be rather shy person.
I suppose in high school people were shoved together in a stressful, clique filled environment that made people seek out loyal friendships. In college, people have their set of friends and perhaps don't feel the need to step outside for new ones. Or perhaps I'm reading too much into other people, maybe my being shy, and consequently, being withdrawn, sends people a negative message. Either way, as my friends from high school slowly move away, I am starting to feel more and more lonely, and yet am still unsure as to how to get over my shyness and make new friends.

kazeldragon kazeldragon
22-25, F
Jul 18, 2007