I absolutely love this website :) It's so much more personal than anything someone could say on Myspace, and it's alot easier to let yourself OUT than anywhere else. I recently went through ALOT of changes. And it seems all the friends I DID have, all they are worried about is having sex, partying, getting "****** up". And none of that interests me anymore. I dont like parties. I dont like drugs. And Im not up for conversations of how much sex theyve had. Me and my boyfriend sit in on weekends and watch movies, play cards with my parents, play the Wii. We're like an older couple, but it suits us :) And I want friends who have the same interests. I feel so much more mature than everyone else my age. There's more to life than sex and parties.
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1 Response Jul 23, 2007

omg!, me tooo....well i dont have many friends but the few i do are just the way you describe em and that gets to me sometimes. i dont know what to do though ....well im carla if you want another friend on ep =]