Needing Friends

Sometimes I feel as if no one would care about me. Sometimes I feel as no one notices my existence. That might be partly my fault- I am shy and do not have a high self esteem to start talking to someone and think that they actually are interested in me, I usually think that people have better things to do than hang around with me.

I try to blend in- I do have couple OK friends, but that's it. I might not be that emotional, because it's hard for me. I just don't want end up hurting myself.

The reason why I'm writing this just to perhaps relate some people maybe there are people out there that have the same feeling that  I have many times a day. So is there?

Anyone can talk from any part of the world to me about anything they want. I feel comfortable talking through the internet-then my self esteem might be 15 % higher than usual:D

Has anybody had these types of experiences?

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Yes, keeping emotions under cover, that's a good way describing myself, thank you for letting me realize my mitake=) That's true, that better have few good friends than hundreds of "friends". I moved to a different town, and I feel that the friends I had don't really keep in touch, that bothers me..

Interesting... you say you might not be that emotional & don't want to hurt yourself. I think that you're probably just keeping your emotions under cover. Have you ever noticed how people just seem to love someone that's a mess???? Here you are trying to be all together, & I think for some reason, people are attracted to people they think they can help, you know? I'm the same way though... my mess is undercover & I don't connect easily. But a few good friends are better than tons of casual acquaintances! I can tell you, those few good friends I had at your age are still w/ me, even though they live far far away. Actually, they are more like sisters, & are always just a phone call away. Cherish them!

hey...i just want you to be my newest friend...really!i feel like you sometimes,besides i have many friends,and i like shy people,like you,I am your total oposite,but you this world everything is posible!so you are not alone enymore!

Welcome to EP! :D The answer is you are in good company here! Yes. I think that applies to about half the people on this site! I hope you stay and enjoy! :D :D<BR>I am EP addict now. Read my "Newbie", in my stories in my profile!