Where's Rachel and Phoebe When You Need 'em?

I always watch those shows where ppl are in groups of friends. I have never had that. I'd like to experience a small circle of friends that all share common interest yet have differences.
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3 Responses Aug 10, 2007

My problem is i ahve quite a few close friends but I can never seem to form a 'tight' group of friends as they always end up falling out and not liking each other. I have friends from different places individually but not one group. Im a HUGE fan of the tv show friends (thats why your story caught my eye) and always wish my 5-6 close mates would all get on that well so we could become a group rather than seeing them each on their own. i am trying though, I keep inviting a few to the pub hoping they'll 'click' and this weekend im having a grils night in for all the individual girly firemds I have in hope they'll all get on and we can make it a regular thing! Oh well, I'll keep working on it!! I guess life isn't a tv show :(

I've never really had that either..I've had groups of friends in the past, and we were never that close. We didn't have that kind of connection. maybe we were too young, I'm not sure... but as much as I've tried to deny it and convince myself that it's not important, I really would love to have a small group of friends who really care.

I always get a little sad when I'm somewhere like a restaurant or something and a group of people would come in and you'll see how happy they are. Sometimes its fine to be alone, but it would be great to have people around too.