Friends For Me...........

I get lonely. I know a lot of you do. It is nice to have somewhere to come where others have that issue.

If anyone needs someone to talk to , or is going through some life crap , I will listen to you. I love people.

My best friend moved to Mexico! I really miss her. I do have my husband and doggie. But you can never have

too many friends!

debysboys27 debysboys27
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10 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Aww, that's sweet you guys! Where in Mexico did your friend move? I know what you mean!! My very good friend moved to Atlanta, but a long time ago and no one locally has even come close to replacing her. People are not replaceable. Everybody gives something different, and we need from everyone, at least the kindness. <br />
Peace to all,<br />

So are you! Thanks for that sweetie. Have a good day!

you really are a great freind,and a wonderfull person.

Thank you. I really appreciate it!

Thanks for being a friend.

I know right! Thanks for the comment! You never feel judged here and I love that about it!

such a sweet lady! I never feel judged here, and that means a lot!

me too!!!! you are special

I know you are sweetie and I am really happy about that!

i am your friend and sista!!!!!!!love ya