All By Myself

I've always been a pretty independent person. I'm not the type who can't go 5 minutes without interacting with another person. But after a couple years of dealing with depression and anxiety, I've slipped away from school and anything I could consider a friend there. I want to make friends and I feel like if I want to get better I need a support group, but it's hard to make friends when all you want to do is sit around at home all day.
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Hey. I know what you mean about drifting away from people... I mean, friendship's a 2-way thing but I guess I put in less effort with it, but so did everyone and they kinda slipped away, bit by bit.. But anyway. Yeah I'm around here to try and make some friends as well so send me a message if you want? I like talking about random stuff :)

Maybe changing your avatar would help. Go REDS!<br />
Just kidding. Peace!

You are not alone, I too feel too sad to want to go anywhere, but I know that staying home is not helping me. Its like I'm too afraid to make friends.

I've had exactly the same thing happen. I left school from my depression/anxiety problems and started doing my schooling from home... and it was tough. Not the schoolwork, but the isolation. I felt like I went crazy many times. Truth be told I let a lot of friends slip away, but in my denfese, plenty of them didn't make much of an effort to stay in contact with me. I guess they didn't understand what I was going through and didn't want to deal with it. Oh well, I'm doing better thesedays. I've made some new friends, but I still struggle, not really so much from anxiety anymore (and I'm recovering from depression), but from extreme shyness. It can suck. =P

That's where these sites come into their own. Hopefully you'll make good friends here and in time you'll feel like going out too. xx