Usually people judge me because of my race & how I dress. Because of that many people were afraid to talk to me. I am African American & have my own style & people stereotype me as the stuck up or ghetto chic! NO ! That isn't me at all! I love diversity and I love talking to EVERYBODY. Now I must admit if I get a bad vibe from someone or think your creepy I keep my distance but I am a very nice person that believes you can never have too many friends
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I hate stereotyping. you never know how someone truly is unless you take the time to know them. if you're not willing to do that, leave them out of your thoughts and mouth. my gf and I get hated on all the time cause we dress "different". She is full blood sicily italian, and I have adopted a muscled, fit, guido "jersey shore"type of style, and my girl looks like sammi sweetheart.

we don't fit well in small town alabama, lets just say. lol

we hit the gym, tan, and wear fitted clothes. no baggy stuff or pale skin. lol. We love rush and affliction shirts, she's in love with BeBe clothes too

shes not from here, just got out of the navy, moved in with a freind here, and thats where we met. We were dating soon after and are engaged now. we plan to move as soon as we can get the finances together and jobs lined up in the city

looking at atlanta for now. new jersey or nyc may come later depending on opportunities

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Aw, people call me british tea man sometimes lol, your not alone. Hold your head high and never ever judge yourself, EVER!! Good luck with those racist scums. 😎