I love you all and I want to talk to each and every one of you who read this! I want to be friends with all of you and talk into the late night! I want to share our dark secrets and hidden desires!
KaylaJackie KaylaJackie
16-17, F
6 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Feel free to message me anytime :b

Well I'm always looking for interesting people to talk to at night. There are few to choose from and few are willing.

I would like to make friends too so we can be friend :-)

Well you choose if I can be a good friend,
About me I say that I'm a good hearted person, open minded, love meaningfull conversations, loyal, compassionate
so you tell me if I'ma good friend

Hi, I'm keen to make some new friends, so if you want to chat, I'd love to πŸ˜„

I'll be your friend :)