I have pretty much lost all of my old friends (we have just grown apart, I guess) and I have had really difficulty making any new friends. Especially male friends. I am 47 years old and I know that I am just living in the past, but I miss having guy friends I could hang out with, talk about things, maybe watch football and have a beer or something.
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I want to make friends too but I am scared of it because I seem to lose friends once my depression enters the scene or when I have health problems and cant be as active.

One friend is no longer my friend because I couldnt go to his wedding. He actually expected me to hop 3 buses and walk a mile and maybe someone could give me a ride home.

He was my best friend for 4 years.

Thanks you, everyone who has posted. I do appreciate the support. Another issue that I have (that I hadn't posted) is that I also suffer from depression, and so that also makes it difficult for me to make friends. I think mostly I just wanted to vent on here about it.

I usually don't initiate friendships with males on social sites, bit if you'd like, I can be your friend ;D

Yes, it's not easy to look for our old friends. They are busy now, some busy with their children, work, and family. Single people have more time for friends.

Hey Man.
I'm from India. I'd really like to be your friend. Maybe we can't go out to watch a football match or have beer but still, I guess we can be friends.