I want to make new friends online. I have friends in my real life, but I know their stories, where they came from, and have learned all about them. I want to make new friends that I don't know, and learn their stories. I want to learn from them, and expand my horizons. I want to learn where they come from, and why they are who they are. People are so interesting. Everyone has a story to tell.
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message me

me too!

I volunteer as tribute to be your friend!

Hey how are you :)!

good! and you? :)

same here

I have many stories but mostly all sad.

You can tell me a sad story

I was going to copy and paste my story but thought giving you the link was better.

Learn about others to find something new within yourself

id love to!

Well I'm here. u can know about me from my profile. Then ask questions anytime.