Are there any non perverted people on here at all?! -_-
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Yup singn me up

lol many have asked including myself my latest add was some guy into sniffing other mens underwear and he decided it would be cool to add me to his circle :/

Yeah, but you're the one who has to initiate the conversation

me :D


Not really.


yes we are every where

It's pretty annoying, I get messages from perverted people all the time. I think it's rude that they message me nasty things first thing and think it's ok to talk to me like that:/

I hope so

Hey me too ! And im not a perv lol

I'm not perverted but I'm 14 so

Yes :)

Perverted? As in interested in sex & all its variations? Yes. There are two.

Not many

I'm a pervert and I do just fine. Hmph, see if I ever be friends with you!

yes , my hand is up like the class nerd lol

Well... I don't think I'm perverted... Buuuuut I s'pose I wouldn't know ^_^

Eight hours ago you asked the question - and you're getting about ten answers per hour, on average. I'm curious as to whether you've determined an answer to your question? Either way - best of luck to you.

Less of the perverts. I would also like to make friends!

I'm not perverted in public. Does that help?

Not a perv
And it be cool to have a pen pal .-.

I just joined this lol and this is the first topic I saw xD come on people

Well it's true! Lol

How are you defining perverse, is anything sexual perverse? Give an example of what is right at the edge of what you regard as perverse then i would be able to answer the question.

If you like it, it's a kink. If not, it's a perversion.

I'm pretty sure I'm to depressed to be a perv so I guess there are a few .

Those type of people will be a majority of people who want to be your friend. And you aren't going to find any real friends here

I've just joined today and I can honestly say that I have not come across anyone perverted, nor am I perverted myself...

Give it time... it'll happen

The perverts avoid me cause of my username


I thought I was not a perverted person but I giggled when I saw that there were 69 responses to this question. O Internet... what hast thou done to me!

I ask myself this question everyday I enter here.

Lol. There's a lot. It's gross.

Oh, tell me about it.


Of course there are. Pretty weird neighborhood though.

Well, we're an endangered species. The perverts are taking over.

Yeah, I'm with you.

I'm here

Complete anonymity, people desperate for attention, and free world-wide social interaction. It attracts perverts.

And I think most of them can't tell the difference between normal and perverted social behavior.

The best people who become great friends are the ones who don't ask where you live, the just appreciate the company that they have. They don't ask for photos, they don't talk about wanting something other than what they already have. Yes, it is hard to find. But there are people out there who will respect your wishes of the just friends rule

not many lol

Difficult to believe, but yes, there are a few us hanging around.

I'm not perverted...Not all guys are. Just seems like a lot of perverts come on here which is horrid tbh.

Well i don't know about that, as i am a strange cookie. But i'm not a pervert and not looking for sex. Quite happy just meeting new people and sharing experiences.:)

That is a nostalgia trip for me haha. I never had many problems but maybe it was because i'm a guy.

haha few and far between :P

Ive only been on here a week and my guess would be no.i can believe some of the stuff i see here.

you are not responding.

so lovely you are.

I'm sure that there are but you may need to be both cautious and patient.

from where you belong?

We all have been through this problem , people these days try to be dirty so they can look cool ...but sometimes its true when they say that you cant be old and wise if you were never wild and crazy ...people just over react with that idea :) P.s Not a pervert by the way ...HONEST :)

its hard trying to make friends and to keep them. but its worth it when you find the right friends

Jeez yeah it is hard lol


where do you live?

Not perverted? No. But I can easily hold a non-sexual conversation haha

Right. I'm pretty sure I could be seen as a pervert from my experiences. But I don't foist my kinks on anybody. Happy anytime to discuss the death of God or the fallacies of American foreign policy. (Canadian, eh?)

no,no chance
we are all perverts to a degree.
and everyone who tells you they are not is lying.usually the ones who are the greatest perverts :)

Right here!

Nope. Everyone is a pervert here. They all want you to show them your genitals! (JonLaJoie)

Me me

I think im the only one

i''m non perverted and pure.

i was wondering the same..

I'll be your pervert, only if your heart desires. πŸ˜‰





The purple devil woman, hot! Gimme me a sec while I look for the infatuated smiley cat.


Sorry, unsuccessful

Lmaoo! That's way off.

I think I deserve some love for trying.



I also ❀️ Switzerland

^ lol my bad.

Lol love Switzerland?

Was unintentional, but if you will, Switzerland is a great country, it's cheese, vineyards, elegant lifestyles and of course the jazz festival. Lol ☺️

I wanna go, I like cheese πŸ˜‹

How say you let me be your pervert and I take you to Switzerland?

Just like that huh?

Your first 2 replies was enough love πŸ˜‰

Awww πŸ˜„

Names Bond... πŸ˜‹

Lol. I'm kinda offended you haven't added me to your circle 😫

Love, if I knew how to do that on this site, I would've added you to more than just merely a circle. πŸ˜‹

And thanks for taking offense, I feel honored. Lol

Well I'll take that as a compliment ☺️

I just figured out the circle thing and added you. What's next? πŸ˜‰

Now were friendssss πŸ‘Œ

Sound good. Feel free to exploit questions regarding affairs of the heart.

Whatcha talking about Willis?

Biggie smalls is the illest, your style played out like Arnold wondered "what you talking about Willis"

In other words we are friends and can wonder the clairvoyant friend zone. 😊

Do u listen to biggie smalls?

I listen to alittle bit!

Friend zone πŸ‘«

It's been looked upon as a harsh label. I'd like to call it a mutual connection of vivid communication through vibration at deeper levels.

Woah that's pretty deep πŸ‘πŸ‘I like it

Buddhism baby.

Well damn look at you.

Yea it's a little hectic in my brain. So where about on this crazy planet are you from?

I'm from the United States lol Texas to be exact. Well Connecticut originally but then I moved to Texas. Lol. You?

That's nice, is it hot all year around there? How does it work? I'm from this small island they call Sri Lanka, it's extremely far away from where you are and we have no In n Out cheese fries which kinda sucks.

No we get summer and winter and fall. And I've never heard of that place. Ever. Lol. Are you originally from there?

No spring? Or not many trees? Lol. Ya I was in US for about 3 years and I used to get that a lot while I was in the US so I had a blast explaining the country I come from. And yea that's where I am from originally.

Love would be helpless agony. Lol

There more appropriate

Yeah that is

Lol close enough

Sorry, I couldn't find a cat blushing.

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<p>hello there:)</p>

hahahahahahaha is that a serious question???????????????????????

Not a one

I hope not!

Hi lifeinmyeyes12
sure. ep is a place to meet people, of all ages and genders from all over The World, with respect and out of interest to know them.
Best wishes


Hi I am not perverted

doubt it

I don't think I am a pervert but I don't think anyone thinks of themselves as one

Hi, I hate perverts and I'm not one.


YES,, HERE I AM.......

Yeah, we're still here. You just have to look a little harder.

none including you, i suppose? lol

I'm not perverted.

There is. I've had a few msgs from a couple perverts so I can't imagine how many msgs girls get on here.

not many but there are the odd one or two.

Finally someone says about this!!