Anyone wanna message me I'm bored? (All welcome)
I wanna get to know someone new. (:
mandycandy0123 mandycandy0123
18-21, F
10 Responses Aug 19, 2014

wassup you good?

Id love to meet new ppl as well, msg me

Hey I'm bored and I want to make new friends! I'm also new so ya!😝

Okay message me :)

Ok hold on!😊

27 female


So, how was your day? :) this a good way to chat with someone? Im not your age group, but just joined this tonite, and trying to figure it out :)

Yes, it is. (: You can message me if you have any questions

Hello! I'd love to have a chat! :) send me a message!

Kkay c:

Hey I'm on ep to make friends, and meet new people. So msg me if you're interested in chatting? : )


Cool. : )

Turn to page 899 in your book of life. How does the first line read ?