I went on ep to meet new people and become friends with them. Not to judge anyone beause i didn't like what i saw or i wasn't impressed by it. I am down to earth and honest. Find out what else my traits are if you want to meet me. If you are or could be an accepting person and not be judgemental whom anyone could also talk to, please leave a message and I'll get back to you. But please be mindful.. I don't Skype and send pictures of myself. Thank you.
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Hi, EP is a great place to hang out.

Nice to meet you i been on here sense 2009 you will meet a bunch of people on here i mean this site saved me when i was always alone and feeling depressed i mean there is always someone to talk to questions to ask about anything and stories to write and make friends. I don't skype either i have pictures on my page but it's set as friend who are in my circle after a while i didn't care i started not to be afraid and open up and i feel better because i met a lot of nice people and you can say whatever you like and ask them questions, sometimes there are trolls or people who are down right rude, but you can always flag them and or block them if you would like. I don't judge either you can look through my stories and find out about me, see if you want to add me or not. I have a lot that i have been through and i am still going through a lot. You will find that you will meet a lot of people it's hard to keep up with all of your friends because you will have so many! But there will be those few who you can go to with anything and will be there for you and message you and talk to you and give you advice, but it's best to ask questions on here and see who responds and takes polite interest in what your feeling and who could relate. (: I am kind hearted and loving and down to earth as well i try to be the best person i can be to others, even though i honestly don't feel highly of myself but i try to encourage others to feel great about their self!

Oh to be clear i meant i don't send NUDE pictures of myself.

Lol neither do i! People might have a heart attack lol! because of how sexy we are! lol jk (: