Well if anybody wants a friend I am here for you:)
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honey you read my mind, that is whta i want 24/7. :)

hello dear, we may have never met before and we live oceans and continents away, perhaps U r in USA and am in Australia, highly unlikely we may ever meet in reality BUT may I ask if we can be friends here to share our thoughts. I wish to feel part of this world with people around. I am not able to bear the loneliness even though there are lot of people around, life is too short and I wish to feel the beauty of this world and make good memories. I hope my life is no like I feel barren like on Mars but surely like on our beautiful earth.

hony. get in line
hhh kidding

Add me please

Hello I'm new on here. Lookin to chat..

i'm all availabale


I'm happy to be your friend. You're special to reach out to anyone.

id love a new friend...

hi there hows it going

Good you?

doing ok where ate u from asl



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Yes why not?

Glad :).


Have fun with the creeps

I am...