lots of friends :D anybody hereee?? :D
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just wanted to know what was on your mind .

Hi how are you?

doing good long day and it has not ended yet. What do you have for me as in your thoughts

What are your thoughts? I was just chatting with a young woman from Bruni. just past dinner time there i was told . so friday night there?

work is that stressful ?

hi ya


yes I am just tired and you?

Hi how are you.

I will

Message me if you want to chat

sure hit me up :P



New on here I would like to make new friends just to vent add me

Can't add you as friend. Add me

Count me in please.

What kind of friends

im here too!!!

Me :) I need friends and I could really use some support right now

Thanks a lot :)

Older than you, but support with what?

Support with mental health issues, coping with fatigue, job loss and trying to set up my own business, feeling lonely even though I'm married etc

Thanks :)

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Going through a alot of things. Would love to have another friend.

Have you noticed she only only replies to older men?

Meessage me

I did start

I messaged u. I want u to message me back


Your aren't an older American with money, too bad for you. Friendship isn't her eish


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You too!

We all feel lonely. It is human nature to want to belong to packs! That is an evolutionary thing!

Today's society makes that hard as we spend time more spread out with activities and the like. We don't develop deep bonds with people we see casually.

The key is to adjust to that reality and focus on stronger bonds with those who are friends today.

You must also assume the BEST in people. Everyone will disappoint along the way! But, truth be told, I am certain you are guilty of the same! Forgive, assume love and there will be no limits to the love you will feel!!

We all struggle with this concept. But, the human brain can be rewired thru repetition and release of good chemicals thru love and touch

Said to someone 29 yr difference

I'll chat with you. Add me. :)

me too ^-^

I am

Where you froom

Me too, I could use someone to talk to.

im here where are you from?

G'day! Im here 😜


I would love to be your friend and talk if you would want to that is

Add me


hi dear...I'm here for you !

how are you ?

my pleasure to be there for you !

even this honered me too !! what you do ?

say some thing about uaslf ?

you can call zubax

can we have private chat

well im going great 👏👏

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Yes i wud like to make you my friend

Im here

It is my pleasure 😃😃
Im yours ,please add me and leta atart messaging

Hi there friend!

what are you saying..! !! anybody?? haha.. don't see this creepy ghost shadow of us?

lol... don't worry about that.. these Ghosts will bring you from your mortal life to their own land of immortality.. So, you think again.. do you want to be near to them, be friend with them or not ;-)

okay.. but what are gonna do when you see some of their creepy faces? run away? :P

I hope you don't see any creepy face but unfortunately you will if not yet. But, for sure not from me :)

i got a bit confused, which one you are excited about :P good one or creepy one? lol

by the way.. you see, you already got a lot of interested friends.. i wish you enjoy their company :)

There is a tale for me for choosing such username.. but yeah its kind of derived from that word :)

on EP.. which one? .. I could not find it

good... a total book!!!! wow..

at least you showed some of your creative side.. that's good

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Yeah, why not ?

I'll add you

I'll be your friend! Yay!