Hello everyone,

My name is Bella and I'm new on EP

would love to make new friends here..

Please no dirty talking...
bigeyes007 bigeyes007
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Hi Bella. We can be friends.

Hay bells hope ur likeing ep :D

Yeah I'm liking it so far.... It's a fun place chatting to new people and getting to know them... :)

Yer just need new firends nice place to find them :)

Exactly.... What's your name...?!

Oh haha... What a nice co incidence... Nice to meet you Aisha :)

My name is emaan and the middle name is Bella... And last name is khan...

Really that lovely emaan so both are middle names are bella awww cool

Aisha middle names bella same as urs haha :)

Nice to meet u too bella :)

Hehe... I know.. We are twins in this matter lol😛

:p haha they say u have to in the world don't they

Yes exactly.... So where are u from Aisha..?!

England what about urself ??

I'm from Canada !!

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I'm new here too....also looking for people just to be friends with as I am the wife of an addict & on the verge of filing for divorce but confused

Hi Bella, welcome to EP :)

Welcome to EP.. hope you find what you need.

Hello, same here. I'm married and I'm from Tx. Just looking to met new people from across the country.