I am a kindhearted person. I consider myself an old soul and never had friends my age growing up. The older I get the more I long for true friendships. Someone I can talk to about anything and everything and not be judged. I have come to realize that I crave loyalty yet I can't find it in return.
It seems that potential friends I have come across are dishonest and selfish. I'm beginning to wonder if there are any good hearted and gentle people left?
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I can very well relate to you here , because I am searching for the same and fells the same! can I copy your statement ? because It could never be expressed no better than how I wanted it to be.

I've had best friends they came and left...at the end of the day try to be best friend with God because he is the only one that can give you everything. He's always there waiting to listen to your problems!

Then i'm here for you as a friend..believe it or not it's up to you..


I feel surrounded by the same type of people, it seems they no longer even have the ability to let a person finish a sentence before interrupting and shoving themselves to the fore front, and the dishonest selfish ones have become so good at excusing their behavior that it almost feels like they themselves believe it is only "bad luck" or "misadventure" that they continuously receive support, attention and respect, while they never give any courtesy back, not even any of their time, just to listen to someone else s story. I feel so lonely for the "good" friend that I just continue to hope my " not so good" friends will come through eventually. that and try to be the kind that at least answers and waits and listens, even if i cant swoop in to the rescue.

yes, yes I am

I want to make friends too. I also consider myself as an old soul. People sometimes so selfish and demanding. I am so tired living with demanding people. Why they cant slow down a bit. If you want to talk kindly message me because I am bad at small talk.

count me in

"There are no eternal friends just eternal interests". Unfortunately, we live in a dogs eat dogs society, where backstabbers manipulate one another to their own interests. We can be kind and compassionate, but we must be firm to not let others take advantage of us. We could only be the change we want to see in this world, while living day to day with the hope, be it by "Fate" or "Destiny", that we could meet another person like us.

Oh there are, Rebecca There are those good friends out there, admittedly not as much as before, but they are out there. You need to go find them and never stop even when you are down and out. God bless. Jiks

I need more loyalty also.....message if your a fit

I'm right here! Please don't hesitate to message me anytime you want to talk or vent :-)

Thank you! :)

Hello beautiful

Hello :)

Hello, They don't make many like you today, you are a rare find indeed. I also long for true friendships, but in this world today that is like trying find a real unicorn or trying get to the end of the rainbow before it goes away and takes the pot of gold with it. I've had to come to the conclusion that people today are too involved with this techno crazy age to invest themselves and have personal interaction in a deep meaningful way. Go to any public place and look around, how many people are not on a smart phone and actually having a face to face conversation with another human being?, me I know I was born at the wrong time in history. So I just go and sigh. Good luck and God Bless.

Thank you! :) And I whole heartedly agree. If everyone would stop looking at their phones they would see a whole beautiful world around them. Phones are getting smarter and people getting dumber. Lol

I feel old sometimes, but when i do feel old i daydream to the extreme. i pretend i am wise old sage whos residence is on top of a mystic mountain and has a wicked long beard lol

Wicked long beard lol

thats just how old i feel sometimes

There are still people like that left in the world. Just having a friend to talk to that is kind and understanding really helps. You will be able to find the friends that you seek right here on EP.

Sounds very familiar to me ... have been pretty much a loner yet love to be loved and love to love in return.
Am here to talk with you and share life experiences:-)

I feel the same way. I'm here if you would like to talk.

Thank you! :)

You're welcome...anytime.

Obviously there are .. but it seems now a days its very difficult to find.. but again I would say.. in such cases, I will get only those things that I shoot.. after all the world is round.

To each their own. Its nice to meet you :)

Nice to meet you too :) Wish you would find soon what are you looking for.

Looking for real down to earth, good hearted people with a good sense of humor. :)

you know... I think good hearted people are higher in number than the not good hearted.. again none of us is perfect, so everyone must has some flaws.. but when you consider someone as your friend, I accept him/her by accepting the flaws.. So that you would be able to walk side by side and support each other when needed. Sorry, it seems I took a class on you on friendship ..lol :P

Indeed. No one is perfect. What I mean is a genuine good spirit. Someone to talk with in confidence. And they feel the same mutual connection, flaws and all. An ever lasting friendship where the two feel as one on a whole new level. When they know each other from the inside out and accept and support each other as they are. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hmm.. I understand.. I would say, I am lucky to have some of them.. they are mostly my childhood friend. We know each other, understand each other, fight with each other, again care for each other and walk together. Now a days, physically may be we are far far away from each other but still we walk together. I really feel lucky here.

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Me too. Very nice post. Good to read your gentle, introspective words.

Thank you! :)

I would like to think i am a person you can talk to!

Ok. :) Can I add you to my circle of friends?

Yes please do!