Hi, I'm Jean and I'm 14 year old girl. Just alone and want to make a new :)
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And a perfect example of creepy EP'ers to avoid are the ones that commented like : @abuishaan, @Lordiran (creepy with the smiley face comment), @TheMasterMan1.
Let me guess, they're all guys too -.-".

Ok now you my best friend okey

Well then I have to say: Be careful of perverted guys on here. Plenty people have fake ages and genders on usernames to get attention. And there are many profile pictures of faces here that EP'ers(not all) get from google images. Then there are others who are genuine( which is tough to find). Best of luck and wishes😇👍

To what you said first:Thanks

Second thing you said: I mean, I didn't think that it meant anything other than you agreeing. But now that you go into more depth into it, you kinda took it to a dirty level.

Hey, I am here :)

Welcome to EP! Message me anytime you'd like :3