im web designer,18 year-old and collage student
i really like to have friends in ep
listening to music;camping;reading novels are my hobbies and fun
knowmeevery knowmeevery
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Sounds nice.

It's nice a friend to chat to

Hey, is it Roya out there??????????? 0.0

omgggggggg is that Erfan????????? yeah im roya

Yeppppp I am Erfan, how did you find ep?!?!?!
Long time no see; where were you????!!!? Since I left institute I hear nothing about old friends, UP to I think two days ago...............................Who do you guess added me?!?!?!?!...........Ramona!!!!! I got really happy of that.
Do you have any news regarding other ones I mean Mehrdad, Amir, Leyla???!!!!

i have no news about mehrdad and leyla but amir is still here:) go ahead by messaging!