Heart this and ill message you :)
DessyLove DessyLove
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uhmmm you look so adorable...bless you.

So how many did you message?

Over 40 lol

Fair enough, so out of the 40, how many did you continue keeping in touch with?


I thought as much.

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So many of them here, want u to message them. 49


i live close to jax

Cool where?

Just in ga. Hit my private message

Your privacy settings won't let me

try adding me i know i have adult content and it may be your privacy settings hon/ but then there is joeharr56@yahoo.com no blocks there and i can send any pics there but think you should try to add me first

Nope it's not letting me add u

hon i checked and i have no restrictios but yours may cause i have adult info. try adding me ans see how that works. cause of being home nudist i contain adult info. oh do you like harley davidwsons

I emailed you

good responded

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Are we talking about something



Hi :)

:P lol i feel mischievous


just like facebook, boys