I dont like whats going on with my life right now. I spend my time studying alone in my room all day without having anyone to talk to.

Occasionally, some friends invite for a drink out and it'll be fun. But it will eventually end and i have to go back home alone again. I'd rarely hear from my so-called friends again until the next time they invite me out for a drink.

I hope one day I'll find friends who could be there not only during the happy times but also during the sad times.
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To break the monotony, go do something new! Like strike up a conversation in a place where you think "good" people go, like a coffee shop, a bookstore or even someone you meet in the hallways... It's worth a try? :-)

I dont have much choice, i might as well try this. Thanks!

Hii..same here :P

Im glad to know that im not alone in this.. :)

Yes you aren't. So cheer up :)

Can you give an advise on how to deal with this kind of situation? Or should i just accept my solitude rather than deal with it..

Maybe u cud use this app to cht with others :))

Im using android phone and i think EP doesnt have the app for android yet. Well at least i was able to get that experience out of my head. :)

XD yea it helps when let it out :)) if its not on android then how can u post here now? 0,0

I use the internet browser :)

Really??? Thats so smart lololol hope u can stay here :))) u wont be alone :)))

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