Here's a tip for people out there. As soon as you ask for pictures of me and Skype (especially in early conversations) I automatically think you're a sex pest. And I've always been proven right. So don't message me saying you want a friend to talk to and have interesting conversations, and then get 'offended' and iffy when I wont send a bloody picture!

I love that whole 'You've got Mail' experience, but I'm not looking for romance or anything. Just to chat with interesting people. Don't get me wrong, I've met great people on here, but don't talk to me about friendship and 'talking' when clearly you're waiting to get your hand down your trousers.

Keeping out the creeps folks ;)
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Yeah, it seems that many people simply don't get "just a chat" idea :)

Tell me about it! It's really sad how there's people trying to have normal conversations and then there's guys hitting you up saying dirty stuff.

Good on you and everyone else who stands up for themselves.

very encouraging

well said, i am sick of them people, they wouldn't say that to my face at a first meeting so don't message it to me on here

Omg it drives me crazy when people do that! I think it's so rude to do, or they even send me pics that I did not ask for or want.

Exactly. Its as if they genuinely think we're stupid and giving the whole 'No calm down I just want to get to know you' act. Do I seem like I don't have brain cells? Go watch **** or join or something!

What's really sick is that I've had 13 through 17 year old boys AND some girls messaging me for sexual what the hell. And one of them is like "what if I accidentally send you something naughty?" Told him like 20 times not to. And what does he do? Sends me an inappropriate picture. Had to block him then.

I'd feel sorry for them because they clearly have no life, but they're so rude about it that I just don't have sympathy nor time for them. I don't like to speak badly of people but I just find it pathetic.

That's how I feel too

I'm new to this whole ep thing and it's alarming (especially as a parent) how many 13-15 year olds I see on here who are hounding for sex.

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