I had my first day of school at a new school and it was absolutely horrible
What do I do if I'm a really shy person to make friends idk what to do
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I can relate

I have a weird sort of social anxiety, and spent a lot of my adolescent years creating a formula for making friends. It is certainly not the only way to do it, but it has worked for me.
- Friendship starts when two people share a physical space. Maybe you want to be friends with the girl who sits next to you in one of your classes; that sort of thing is a good goal.
- Start up a conversation about something in the situation that you two are sharing. Stick to something completely inoffensive.
- That said, griping is often a great way to start a friendship.
- Have a few more interactions with this person before you ask them to do something outside of the shared situation.
- Some good next steps include: asking for their phone number so you can text, inviting them to do something with your existing group of friends, or joining a club you already belong to.
It is OK if your first try fails. Some people are just not compatible friends; do not take it personally. Learn from the experience (after all, you accomplished a lot!) and try again with someone else.
This new school year is going to be awesome for you! :)

Be yourself ... Join a spot for club 😊😊

Can I just say, the one thing I regret about school is I was too worried what people thought of me and how to be with the populars etc. Be no one else but your self. Focus on learning more than worry about friends. True friends will come your way. Fake friends will distract you from everything. They don't last long either.

I am sooo shy! Just be confident in yourself & you will have friends soon(:

Spend the next couple days listening to other people talk. You might start to find people who share the same interest as you. Then just pick up the course to talk to them.