i want to make friends -female friends- but the problem is that i fall in love with any girl am friends with, sooner or later i start developing feelings for her which will ruin the friendship, whenever am in a relationship i usually isolate myself from all the other girls and focus on the one that am in a relationship with cuz if she ignored me for some reason and another girl was there for me i will fall for her, and that's my problem, i dont know what to do to fix this thing and it's eating me up inside
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Aww... That is kinda cute actually. But, and i don't mean to belittle your feelings or anything so pls don't take offense, what if you mistake loving someone as ur friend with loving someone as a possible significant other ? I mean sure, everyone starts at the friend stage but not everyone is a good match for you for different reasons. Maybe you need a little perspective and to try and see things in a cold way and not with flowers and birds around their heads.

i thought of that and i found out that i already know 2 girls and love them as friends and i never "developed" feelings for any of them, but it feels different with all the other girls
and they're all a good match to me, maybe not the perfect match but they're pretty damn close to perfect

I really find that hard to believe, sincerely. I've met and dated quite a few guys and I found only a few that were a close match to me. Not a good one, mind you, just a close one. Maybe I have high expectations, although i highly doubt that, or maybe you haven't got enough expectations. But you can't fall in love with every girl you befriend that'll drive you up the walls

that's my problem, driving up the wall XD, and for the expectation part, I'm picky when it comes to making friends with other girls cuz i dont wanna get a bad rep so most of them are a good match to my expectations

Sounds like you need love badly. Why don't you get yourself as many females friend as possible, maybe you'll be able to distract this need by "dilute" it. :)

i tried but i ended up falling for almost 20 girls in the same time
i know it's messed up but i cant control how i feel for them it's kinda just happen

Well then.. Seems like there's only one thing you can do...just love them!! Hehe I don't know. Just don't worry too much.

and ? they only think of me as a friend and i tell them that am just a friend
because i dont wanna mess things up i dont wanna end up alone with is a great fear of mine
and thanks for the advice :)

Just don't make friend with the girls for a little time then if you find yourself falling in love with someone then love here she will be right for you then

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Lol adorable :)

I don see any problem with that honestly. Its is perfectly normal, we are human after all.

perfectly normal to fall in love with all the girls that i am friends with ?!
i knew 4 girls last year and i was in love with the 4 of them. of course i didn't tell them that because i dont wanna lie to any of them and say that i only love you and that sort of things