Will somebody be my bestfriend or girlfriend?
I want somebody to talk to and will be nice to me c:
OliviaFrey OliviaFrey
18-21, F
8 Responses Aug 26, 2014

I would welcome you as a chat friend.

I would your a vary beautiful girl don't let any one say different


Woah, talk about being weird! The people in the comments are nuts! xD Either way too old or way too weird.

But if you wanna chat sometime, just shoot me a message :)

Sounds good


Sure :D

well, don't expect that here --in the online world.
**Marami ang mapanglinlang na tao sa mundong ito. Sinasabi ko sa iyo. ** -_____________-

Oh ok then :/

hahaha lol i'm sorry Olivia, will you forgive me for being a wierdo? I just have a problem that need to be solve. :)