Married with mostly grown kids everyone off in their own directions busy with life, my thoughts, my attempt at conversation is more of an intrusion, or worse tolerated.
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Dito! I still go to my sons' rooms when I get home from work in the evenings. But there's nothing worse than a "hi Dad" from someone looking at a screen, still listening to their gamer-friends via headphone, and getting a "what" answer to "how was your day". Just last week, I also got a "what" to "I just stabbed your mother, she's lying on the kitchen floor", and an "OK" when I added "that means you'll have to make your own breakfast in the morning"!

You are too funny!

Thanks :-) This year has been tough and a sense of humor helps.
Keep smiling!

:( if you want someone to listen say hello

I'm good for talking about things! :)

My youngest daughter would spend a lot of time with me; lunches, errands, pet sitting, working out but I got replaced by her boyfriend so I lost a friend but she just moved on. I have the void, she has the joy. I don't want resentment but it is hard to be replaced so easily even when expected and naturally.

What are you into ?