My name is Cara, short for Carolina.
5'2 and Chubby.

Dog and cat owner.
MissCaraCarnageTheGamingGambit MissCaraCarnageTheGamingGambit
22-25, F
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Ayeee we got stoner and gamer life style goin! Same height too, damn we might as well be twins XD

Hi! Cara My real name is Cyrus {male} 6ft 4. dark skin with brown eyes ,black hair. stocky build,bookworm,artist,love cooking bbq ,non_smoker ,drinker historian,adventurer. love playing soccer &rugby tackle. plis inbox me i'm eager 2 be ur frendo!! laikim u!!! ;p

You are very interesting. Hmmm

Sounds like a "pro pot" dating ad for a fat chick.

**** off

Its not a problem haha

Hello :-). Can we be friends

Hi cara....looking for friends??? Put a h between the c and a chara and that's what it means n Irish....pointless fact 4 ya :-) im ciaran 28 4m Ireland....420 gota love it...add me if ya wanta chat...

Love your name Ciaran

I could say the same about urself...there's not a whole pile in the difference I n and a fada :-D it means little dark 1....bit fruity considering im Irish :-P and ain't dark skinned...thank u for ur compliment :-) what computer is ur poison of choice??

hey cara, ben here yea sure freinds let be that

I'm all those things except I'm an Aquarius so I'm very philosophical question everything very compassionate :)

Nice :)

is there a connection with games and stners im not being told here?

Gaming is already awesome.
Being high is already super awesome.
Combined the two and its a match made in Heaven. :]

*mind Blown*

I'd like to be your friend :)